VEEKAY PLAST  is holder of Technical Specification Evaluation Certificate (TSEC) for its 40/33mm and 50/42mm PLB HDPE DUCT that supports the deployment of the next generation of multiple play FTTx services.

VEEKAY PLAST is the having valid TSEC certificate for more than 2 decades and is having one of the largest capacity of manufacturing PLB HDPE DUCT in India.

VEEKAY PLAST is also BIS License holder for following types of Pipes:

  • IS 4984 : 2016 – Polyethylene pipe for water supply.
  • IS 14333 – High density polyethylene pipe for sewerage.
  • IS: 14151-1999 (Part I & Part II) – High density polyethylene Sprinkler System.
  • IS 16098 : 2013 (Part II) – Structured-Wall Plastics Piping Systems for Non-Pressure Drainage and Sewerage Part 2 Pipes and Fittings with Non-Smooth External Surface.
  • IS 14930 (Part I & Part II) – Conduit systems for Electrical Installations.
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