Double Wall Corrugated (DWC)

The double wall corrugated pipe is a double layer pipe with the inner layer with a smooth surface and the outer layer with corrugation. Manufactured from virgin High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), this duct has a double-walled construction. This unique construction, while making it light-weight, gives excellent mechanical properties like high ring stiffness, better impact strength and superior crush resistance.

VKP Double Wall Corrugated Pipes or DWC Pipes are for people who are looking for the replacement of PVC, GI, RCC pipes to fulfill the purpose of laying Fibre Optics and Electric Cable Networks with a cost-effective solution. The technically superior DWC Duct have several advantages when compared to the other pipes.

Specifications of DWC PE Pipe

We manufacture DWC Ducts as per following specifications:

  • IS 16098 Part -II
  • ISO 21138 Part – III
  • IS 14930
  • BS EN 50086

DWC Conduit Features & Advantages

Double Wall Corrugated Duct can withstand external heavy loads when back filled and properly buried. It is suited for usage as a casting duct/jacket in those environments where the direct placement of cabbies and ducts is not easy and safe.

Quality Tests Performed

  • Density Test
  • Ring Flexibility
  • Impact Strength
  • Thermal Stability
  • Mass Melt Flow Rate Test
  • Ring Stifness
  • Creep Ratio (Qxidation Induction Test)
  • Water Tightness