DWC Pipe Specifications

High-quality DWC Pipes will be manufactured as per Specification No. IS:16098 and IS:14930 of the Bureau of Indian Standard.

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Product Range of DWC Pipes

DWC Pipes are available in 32mm to 600 mm diameter in SN4 and SN8. Length of pipes is as per requirement.

DWC Pipes

DWC Pipes Advantages

  1. Easy to install, transport, handle, and hence lightweight
  2. Safe for cable/duct installation
  3. No sharp edges
  4. Flexible enough to take curves and bends around obstacles
  5. Suitable for use in coastal/saline areas and are chemically inert

DWC Sewage Pipes Manufacturers in India

DWC Pipes or Double Wall Corrugated Duct Pipes are the ones, which are produced from the layout Materials and are planned extraordinarily to give the savvy answers for the individuals, who are searching for the substitution of PVC Pipes to lay Fiber Electric Cable systems and Fiber optics. These DWC Pipes are unmistakably increasingly unrivaled as far as detail and hold a few preferences over different funnels as of now being used.

Produced using the HDPE Materials, the DWC Pipe are prominently called as the high-density polyethylene DWC Pipes. The essential assembling materials associated with the generation of the HDPE twofold divider layered channels are the increasing thickness polyethylene, which has the most elevated future.

Assuming any homeowner ever chooses to uncover their yard to investigate their sewer pipe. Channel evaluation is never an elective action; it’s normally constrained upon you when the toilets will not flush and wastewater comes up as opposed to going down.

Uncovering and supplanting your sewer pipe is that feared action that decimates arranging, costs a pack, and achieves nothing other than letting you come back to life not surprisingly. Understanding what sort of sewer pipe, you have limited the torment a piece since you will know whether you can proceed with a similar channel or change to an alternate funnel. Regularly, the kind of sewer pipe going through your yard compares with the age of your home.

Plastic Sewerage Pipes

Plastic sewer pipe for underground establishments is accessible in the two ABS and PVC. The two kinds of channels have smooth insides for an incredible conveying limits of strong waste issues. The smooth outsides likewise assist oppose with establishing dock.

Plastic sewer pipe is typically the material of decision for people who want to construct themselves since it is lightweight, simple to cut, modest, and accessible at all home focuses. As an additional advantage, the plastic funnel can be integrated with cast-iron and clay pipe.