DWC Pipes

We manufacture DWC pipes or say Double wall corrugated duct pipes or the pipe for the next generation from the HDPE materials specifically designed for the construction purpose, fiber electric cable network, or underground drainage system to provide cost-effective solutions to the people. Veekay Plast offers a wide range of high-quality products.

DWC Pipes - Future

Future aspects of DWC Pipes:

  1. Since, the demand of the underground ducting and piping in on the rise in the country, the future of the economic and sustainable ducting is on the rise.
  2. The future of the Corrugated pipes of this sort is thus bright, which are highly economical, environmentally safe.
  3. Offer better load bearing capability, and greater strength.
  4. Since they are chemically inert, they can be used in more areas and are completely safe. We can also use them for a period of 5 years.
  5. As of now, the industry is still unorganized, but with the growth of the country and its GDP, the advent of the more organized players in the market will push the future of the HDPE DWC Duct to the new and higher levels.