Electrofusion Fittings & Equipment

Veekay Plast is well known and an industry leader in the manufacturing and designing of electrofusion fittings. We even offer customers in-depth knowledge of electrofusion fittings.

Electro Fusion Fittings

An alternative form of welding polyethylene (poly or PE) is the Electrofusion system where we embed heating elements in PE fitting sockets. These sockets form part of other fitting or coupling and require an electrical input from a welding machine to produce a welded joint.

  1. The large selection of high quality joining systems ( spigot fittings and Electrofusion), accessories, machines, tools is representative of a solution and an informed approach for high-pressure systems to our customer needs.
  2. An Electrofusion fitting is made of a polyethylene body to embed wire coils and terminals at the stage of manufacturing. The coil is heated which is then transferred to the fitting and pipe when charged through the terminals with the Electrofusion control unit.
  3. The resulting pressure and heat cause the surface to melt and bond at the molecular level. There is no separation between pipe and fitting at the fusion point if the procedure is correct.