Agriculture serves as a base to bring a boost to the Indian economy. Proper irrigation is crucial to ensure the nation’s agriculture is going in the right way. The three main components to stimulate conventional irrigation in agricultural farms include fittings, sprinkler systems, and pipes. You must ensure product durability, strength, and high quality before you make a firm decision to buy these components. Well, you can rely on Veekay Plast, one of Trade India’s trusted and verified sellers for long-serving, high strength, quality assured products to aid in irrigation. Established in 1996, Veekay Plast is a leading, reliable, and trustworthy manufacturer, exporter, supplier of pipe fittings, warning tapes, pipes, cable sealing plug, HDPE sprinkler irrigation system, HDPE Tees, and many more.

Veekay Plast is a leading company that emerges as conglomerate continuing to set its trends in every sphere of its activities from a conference room size assembly in 1996. We have over 12 years of judiciously encased experience in making each product a symbol of the best designing and engineering skills. We focus on the future and have a dedicated team to make choices each day to yield the most optimal results down the line. Vekkay Plast believes in maintaining the highest international standards of excellence through quality, innovation, and technology. For us, quality is never an accident, and it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent direction.

Basic Infrastructure

With the corporate office at Kartarpura Industrial Area Jaipur, we initiated production way back in 1996. Our factory located at Bagru Industrial Area Jaipur has an area of approximately 10,000 square meters. We have a separate depot at Bagru Industrial Area Jaipur with 12,000 square meters area to serve as a warehouse, act as a safe, secure storage place, for finished and inventory goods.

Capacity Builders

We take pride for our manufacturing unit to be a stock of the most modern pipe extrusion plant supplied by brands including KOLSITE in collaboration with BATTENFIELD of Germany and WINDSOR in collaboration with DGP. As a result, today, we provide 30,00,000 meters of pipes and related products per month.

Human Resource

Veekay Plant is known for efficient human resource management. Once an employee connects with us, we make sure to provide him enough exposure to offer both rewards and challenges. We value our employee’s time, money, skills, knowledge, and work in collaboration with our professional team to endorse accountability, encourage initiative, promote integrity, and foster innovation. We do not see ourselves as a manufacturing company, and we focus on people company. We ensure compatibility among our employees and have a team of 80 members working 24*7 to achieve the level of efficiency unmatched to anyone in the same niche.

Our human resource management team strategically manage employees as business resources. The process starts with hiring and recruiting employees with specific and advanced skill sets to fulfill the long term goals of the business, suggest more comprehensive development strategies and employee training, planning strategies to ensure compatibility among the employees, and coordinating employee benefits.

In this way, our human resource managers are not only workers in an isolated business function, but they are an integral part of the organization and advise on many employee related issues and how the organization can achieve the long term goals in the best way.

Quality Assurance

Veekay Plast is equipped with an in-house ultra modern testing facility and an ISO 9001:2000 Certified company. Stringent Quality Assurance at all levels right from the incoming raw material to the finished product has helped to maintain the highest standards of qualitative products and customer satisfaction. We have various BIS licenses such as IS 14333, IS 4984, IS 14151(Part I & II), IS 14885.

Veekay Plast never fails to provide quality assurance to the people. We see quality assurance as a way to increase company credibility, maintain a regular standard to manufacture and develop reliable products, improve work efficiency and processes, increase customer confidence, and enable a company to compete with competitors and outsmart them. We also see quality assurance as a way to prevent defects and mistakes in manufactured products to avoid problems during mass production.

Testing And Laboratory

Applying product testing helps the organization in a variety of ways such as to measure the aging effects on products, to fully ensure the products quality, reliability, and durability, and to ensure products withstand the test of time. In general terms, product testing is an assurance that a particular item or product is safe to use. Maintaining regular quality standards is crucial for every organization, and for this purpose, Veekay Plast quality assurance lab aids to conduct testing for a variety of products following industry standards. Following are the test performed at Veekay Plast quality assurance lab.

1. Density Test
2. Oxidation Induction Time Test
3. Environmental Stress Crack Resistance Test
4. Visual Inspection And Dimension Test
5. Hydraulic Pressure Test
6. Melt Flow Index Test
7. Tensile Test
8. Internal Co-Efficient Of Friction Test
9. Reversion Test
10. Impact Strength Test