HDPE Duct with Tracer Wire

Plast-Trac™ is a revolutionary HDPE Duct with built-in detect-ability feature designed to provide precise location of underground PE ducting systems.

Plast-Trac™ carries a co-extruded HDPE encased copper wire along its entire length, which acts as a corrosion proof conductor. Plast-Trac™ provides complete detect-ability in use with multiple frequency locator.

The copper wire of the duct at some accessible point like a manhole is physically connected to a Transmitter that induces a select frequency signal in it. Detector attuned at the same frequency then gives the precise, inch by inch underground location of the pipe. Plast-Trac™ saves both time and labor during repair/maintenance and up gradation work and also prevents damage to other utilities.

Plast-Trac™ carries a co-extruded HDPE and is available in combination with PLB HDPE DUCT, PLAIN HDPE DUCT, DWC DUCT, MULTILAYER DUCT and  MULTI-DUCT.

Plast-Trac™ Benefits:
• Gives quick and precise location of the underground piping system
• Facilitates precise digging during maintenance and up-gradation activity thereby saving on time and labor and associated cost
• Prevents damage to other utilities buried underground – avoiding penalties
• Damage to own installation can be avoided by marking the line on the ground when others are digging

Plast-Trac detects upto a depth of 5 mtrs. and is supplied in desired lengths of 6 to 12 Mtrs. For sizes upto 110 mm coils of 100 / 200 mtrs. or longer can be supplied. Each Plast-Trac™ pipe length is supplied with special jointing kit for joining of copper wire at pipe joints.

Veekay Plast offers Plast-Trac™ from 20 mm to 800 mm OD, for MDPE/HDPE in PE 63/80/100 grade from PN 2.5 to PN 16 rating.