MDPE Water Pipe Specifications

We manufacture high-quality MDPE pipes as per ISO 4427:2007.

Product Range

MDPE pipes are available in 16mm to 315mm diameter in SDR 9 to SDR 26. Length of pipes is as per requirement.

Material Used in Medium Density Polyethylene Pipe

We manufacture MDPE pipes from Medium Density Poly Ethylene Polymers OF PE 80 and PE100 Grade.

MDPE Water Pipe

The MDPE water pipe comes in widths including 20mm, 25mm, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm and 63mm, in loop lengths of 25m, 50m, 100m and 150mtrs. The channel and fittings are WRAS endorsed and fit in with BS EN 12201.

There are different colors of the MDPE water pipe which is in blue, dark and yellow. Blue is for consumable (drinking) water, dark (siphoning fundamental) is primarily for non-consumable water for example seawater, siphoned foul, riser primary, and dim water, yellow MDPE is solely for a gas supply pipe. Huge curls are possibly subject to expanded lead-times.

Blue MDPE water supply pipe is utilized for associations between the conveyance mains to singular properties and for over the ground administrations if the channels are introduced inside defensive pipes. Blue MDPE ought not to be utilized for the movement of gases, oil, petroleum, diesel, or compacted air. The framework is reasonable for use with cold consumable water with a working weight of up to 12.5 bar.

An MDPE water pipe is any channel or cylinder intended to ship offered drinking water purchasers. The assortments incorporate huge width primary funnels, which supply whole towns, littler branch lines that supply a road or gathering of structures, or little breadth pipes situated inside individual structures. Materials ordinarily used to develop water pipes incorporate cast iron, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), copper, steel, or cement.

Applications of MDPE Water Pipe

  1. Appropriate for Drinking Water.
  2. Industrial needs.
  3. Private Colonies.
  4. Lodging Societies.
  5. Water Boards.
  6. Corporate houses.

MDPE pipes should powerful, simple to deal with polyethylene pipe reasonable for consumable and non-consumable applications. MDPE Water Service Pipe is accessible in two weight variations and a selection of widths to suit your venture.