The company’s vision is derived based on understanding that the company’s foot stand is domestic market where economic scale should be achieved and the fact that quality has already become the company’s commitment. The company is long well known as a high quality pipe producer due to our thorough quality control and assurance procedures as well as the technology used in the production process. The company is committed to maintain and further improves this for the satisfaction of our customers.

There also should be a balance between competitiveness of price and value propositions of our products and services rendered to customer. We believe reasonable pricing will be beneficial to customer and to the company for growing and serving customers better.

Domestic market is a starting place where our customer base should be built and maintained for our future growth. Since there is a development into a border-less economy, we consider the regional market as our domestic market and let our high quality standard be enjoyed by our new customers.

The company vision statement is:

”To be an integrated pipe manufacturing unit with high competitiveness and sustainable growth”.

Our mission statement is:

To provide high quality Pipe for piping, constructions and infrastructure projects, including technical engineering and procurement services for the prosperity of nation and communities.