SWC Pipes

Single Wall Corrugated Pipes or SWC Pipes are HDPE Sheathing Ducts used as Sheathing Ducts for the projects like offshore platforms, flyovers, bridges, and for internal bonding at the post-tensioning. We use such pipes in projects like construction of underpasses, Via Ducts, tunnels, and many electrical projects in the form of metro track lights and street lightening.

Single wall HDPE corrugated sheathing ducts

Corrosion is a threat to the reinforced concrete structure. In spite of galvanizing, the metallic sheathing ducts invariably corrode in a few days. The experts already confirmed this on most of the workshops and seminars to deliver endless speeches on corrosion threat.

SWC Ducts manufactured by us have already been used successfully in various projects in India and approved / specified to be used in almost all the major projects