Pipe Spacer

Veekay Plast offers a range of sewer pipes in casings, insulators center water, and pipe casing spacers. The sewer pipes help to support and electrically insulate a pipeline. The spacers are corrosion proof, easy to install and offer insulating protection from a possible electrical shorting between the casing and the career pipe. Any single worker can easily install the spacers and require no special tools. The spacers are easy to remove, it allows replacement, repairment of the damaged pipes, and eliminate the requirement to fill the casing annulus with sand. Contact Veekay Plast about your runner height requirements(runner height is an annual clearance between the outer casing and inner pipe), to help us offer you an ideal solution to your problem.

We design spacers to support and cradle conduit for ease of installation, allowing optimal free flow of grout, thereby eliminating voids. Bore Spacers also regularly take care of accurate alignment and duct position that will result in a reduction of boosting efficiency, isolation, installation time, and even making sure that the installation process is correct.

Features include:

  1. Multiple conduit sizes and designs
  2. Conduit to conduit separation to customer specification
  3. HDPE or polypropylene wheels with steel axle

End Seals

Veekay Plast end seals are superior yet cheaper than other labor-intensive and traditional method of using mortar and bricks to seal casing ends. When pipe movement and soil stress cause a crack in the mortar, our products ensure the seal integrity and move with the pipe. Any combination of pipe sizes is accommodable with different types of end seals available. Each end seal comes with two easy to use, stainless steel fixing bands and is a thick, seamless neoprene rubber which ensures excellent chemical resilience.