Sprinkler Irrigation System

The sprinkler system is found to be the best method to get the maximum yield at a low cost. A sprinkler system can irrigate 2 to 3 times more farmland in the same quantum of water. The sprinkler cleans the plants surface for profitable yields and right photosynthesis. In the winter season, the sprinkler system saves the surface of the plants from the accumulation of frozen water, and in summer season water evaporating to the tune of 40%. The sprinkler system spreads the water in the farmland uniformly and thus saves the plants from water clogging and scarcity. As a result, maximum water reaches the roots of the plants.

Buy Sprinkler Irrigation System in India

Himangi Sprinkler System

Since 1996, we are supplying HDPE sprinkler system under the brand name – Himangi

The systems are –

  1. Immune to weather conditions
  2. Easy to carry
  3. Flexible
  4. Robust in quality
  5. Low in cost when compared to Aluminum Sprinkler System
  6. Abrasion and wear resistant
  7. Non-corrosive
  8. Able to withstand high pressure
  9. Resistant to chemical attacks


We manufacture high quality quick coupled polyethylene pipes for sprinkler system as per Specification No. IS: 14151 (Part-I & II) 1999 of the Bureau of Indian Standards.

Product Range

Himangi sprinkler pipes are available in 50 mm to 200 mm diameter, and pressure rating class I to IV with a complete range of fittings.

Material Used

We manufacture Himangi Quick Coupled Polyethylene Pipes from High-Density PolyEthylene Polymers – PE 63 and PE 80 grade.