Specially Designed RIBBED PLB HDPE DUCT is being widely used for Ducting application.

VEEKAY PLAST is the first Indian manufacturer to offer Spirally Ribbed PLB HDPE DUCT’s. We have the capabilities to offer PLB HDPE DUCT with Spiral Ribbs, Inside Straight Ribbed PLB HDPE Ducts, Inside and Outside Ribbed PLB HDPE DUCT so as to considerably increase the blowing efficiency of cable.

Our specially designed PLB HDPE DUCT’s are widely used across India by various government and institutional clients, making us one of the largest supplier of the product in India.

Coils are available in standard length of 500 / 1000 Meters. We can also supply length as per customer requirement. VEEKAY PLAST can supply PLB HDPE DUCT in a single coil of up to 3000 meters specially designed for long HDD shot, this specially designed product is being used by various contractors for river crossing across India.

PLB HDPE DUCT’s are available with or without Anti- Rodent, Ultra Violet, Fire retardant as per the customer requirements. Tailor made Duct’s are also available as per requirements.