Multi-Layer HDPE Duct

We manufacture high-quality HDPE Multi-Layer Duct as per NEMA TC7  with special inside ribbed design which offers high crush resistance and further reduces friction to facilitate Cable placement.

Features and Benefits

  • World renowned Silicore inner layer reduces friction between Duct and Cable significantly minimizing Pull Force requirement and keeping cable safe
  • Product designed for Installation through Plowing, HDD, Open Trenching, Saw Cut
  • High Ductility, Flexibility and UV stability
  • High ESCR and Crush resistance properties provide mechanical
  • protection to cable; enhancing life of the network
  • High flexibility reduces consumption of accessories
  • Super Slick inside surface reduces Pull force requirement significantly;
  • protecting cable damage due to tensile force
  • Facilitates maintenance and future upgrades
  • Reduces project installation costs and time

NEMA TC7 HDPE Duct Product Range

Multi -Layer HDPE DUCT are manufactured from High-Density PolyEthylene which is UV resistant and are silicon coated from inside. Veekay Plast offers a wide range of 3 layer PLB HDPE Ducts. All sizes are available in a straight length of 6 / 12 Meters or as per the requirement of the user. We manufacture HDPE Power Duct in various sizes such as 110mm, 125mm, 160mm, 200mm, 225mm and 250mm.