DCA and CS – Indian Oil

VEEKAY PLAST is Del Credere Associates cum Consignment Stockists for Indian Oil Corporation Limited for marketing of polymer in Rajasthan state.

Expanding Horizons in Petrochemical Business

The petrochemical sector is a major driver of industrial growth. The per capita consumption of plastics in India is far below the world average. However in the last decade, the Indian polyolefin industry has seen double digit growth offering large potential for further growth.

We are DCA and CS of IndianOil which is focusing on strengthening its petrochemicals business by venturing into downstream polymer units. A world-class Naphtha Cracker and Polymer units are operational at IndianOil’s Panipat Refinery. The technology and capacities of the Naphtha Cracker and Polymer units are world-class, with products ranging from commodity to niche grades. Commissioned on llth March 2010, the Naphtha Cracker complex includes:-

Naphtha Cracker Unit (NCU):

  • World class Naphtha Cracker unit with technology from ABB Lummus located at Panipat, Haryana
  • Design capacity
    • 857 KTA of ethylene
    • 650 KTA of propylene

Downstream Polymer Units

Polypropylene (PP) Unit:

  • Two production lines of 300 KTA each with Spheripol technology license from Basell, Italy.
  • Product portfolio includes entire range of Homopolymers, Block copolymers and Random copolymers

Dedicated HDPE Unit:

  • Dedicated HDPE plant of 300 KTA using Basell (Hostalen) slurry process.
  • Product portfolio includes Unimodal as well as Bimodal HDPE grades for various application segments such as Film, Blow Moulding & Pressure pipes

LLDPE/ HDPE Swing Unit:

    • LLDPE/ HDPE swing plant of 350 KTA capacity based on Sclairtech Solution polymerisation technology of Nova Chemicals, Canada.
    • Product portfolio includes general-purpose LLDPE &HDPE grades, as well as speciality LLDPE grades using 1- Octene as co-monomer for niche application segments.

Our PROPEL brand of petrochemicals is a leader in providing everyday solutions to customers in India.

For Downloading Grade Sheet please click the link below:

Grade Sheet – Propel

For Downloading Petrochemical Brochure please click the link below:

Petrochemical Brochure

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ISI and TSEC Approved

VEEKAY PLAST  is holder of Technical Specification Evaluation Certificate (TSEC) for its 40/33mm and 50/42mm PLB HDPE DUCT that supports the deployment of the next generation of multiple play FTTx services.

VEEKAY PLAST is the having valid TSEC certificate for more than 2 decades and is having one of the largest capacity of manufacturing PLB HDPE DUCT in India.

VEEKAY PLAST is also BIS License holder for following types of Pipes:

  • IS 4984 : 2016 – Polyethylene pipe for water supply.
  • IS 14333 – High density polyethylene pipe for sewerage.
  • IS: 14151-1999 (Part I & Part II) – High density polyethylene Sprinkler System.
  • IS 16098 : 2013 (Part II) – Structured-Wall Plastics Piping Systems for Non-Pressure Drainage and Sewerage Part 2 Pipes and Fittings with Non-Smooth External Surface.
  • IS 14930 (Part I & Part II) – Conduit systems for Electrical Installations.
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